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Business advice Burton on Trent - VAT and Business Gifts

VAT and business gifts

In general, VAT does not have to be accounted for on business gifts to the same person as long as the total cost of the gifts does not exceed £50 (before […]

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Alexander Accountancy Tax experts Burton on Trent

Post cessation receipts and payments

There are special rules for the taxation of post-cessation receipts and expenses after a trade has ceased. These provisions also apply to professions and vocations as they apply to trades. […]

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Décor and plant and machinery allowances

Capital Allowances are the deductions that allow businesses to secure tax relief for certain capital expenditures. Capital Allowances are available to sole traders, self-employed persons, or partnerships, as well as […]

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Pre-trading expenditure Alexander Accountancy Burton on Trent

Pre-trading expenditure

There are special tax reliefs for pre-trading expenses that are incurred before a business starts trading. These could include expenses that are required to help a business prepare for trading such […]

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