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Pay Less Tax

This is one of the four cornerstones embedded in our diagnostic reviews.

Alexander Accountancy knows that nearly every client wants to pay as little tax as they legitimately can. But very few clients realise that many accountants do not provide proactive advice on the numerous tax saving opportunities that do exist. Whereas for small and medium sized businesses, we have proved ourselves to be one of the best.

So how can you pay less tax? Like all the best advice, you need to see us in person so we can offer suggestions tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

We can easily list over 100 basic tax saving strategies for individuals and small businesses. But do you know, or could you work out, which ones you should be using and how to use them?

Do you have the best structure for your business? Should you be a sole trader, partnership or limited company?

If you are self employed as a sole trader or partnership are you claiming all the expenses you can? Are you maximising the relief available by claiming them the right way?

If you are employed, should you be claiming expenses in employment? Or using salary sacrifice schemes?

Should you be engaging or working with family members to utilise all the tax allowances and relief’s that are available?

If you have property, is it owned by the right people and in the right way? Is any income that is generated being treated tax efficiently? Are any losses being used up?

Are you, or should you, be VAT registered? If so which scheme should you be using? Did you know that in some circumstances you can make a profit from being VAT registered?

Are you aware of tax efficient investment opportunities such as Enterprise Investment Schemes? Did you know that pensions can be used to generate tax free growth?

Do you understand how trusts and tax mitigation schemes work?

Or would it be quicker and easier to sit down with us for an hour and take advantage of the help and guidance we are happy to offer.

We believe everyone deserves access to the same advice, so to learn more about the above why not ask for a free diagnostic review from Alexander Accountancy’s team of expert accountancy practitioners, call 01283 743851 or email via in**@al*******************.uk

Alexander Accountancy. Let’s see what we can do for you.