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Generate Better Sales

This is one of the four cornerstones embedded in our diagnostic reviews.

Alexander Accountancy knows that this is a difficult concept that many businesses struggle to come to terms with as saying no goes against many of the natural business instincts.

What Are Better Sales? Put simply, they are how you become more efficient at generating better margins.

Most business owners can think of a customer who always wants the best price, continually comes up with queries, demands the best quality, needs express service and then takes an eternity to pay. The result is they have taken up a disproportionately large amount of your time and effort, which has probably ended up in them eroding any of the disproportionately small profit you may have been left with.

The problem is that your customers play on your fears that they might not place the order. This is worse if you have a young, small or growing business. But does your business focus too much on turnover as you believe this is the key to your success, so you get sucked in to commercial slavery.

Most business owners have customers who recognise value for money, they know that quality has a commercial value, and they are happy to pay promptly in return for your help and support. The result is they probably take up less of your time and effort, you are happier dealing with them, and you actually earn a fair profit from the relationship.

It is obvious which type of customer you would prefer. We can help you find more of them and guide you on how to handle the others, with the least negative impact. For a lot of businesses who take this step, it is one of the most empowering and profitable transitions that they ever make.

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