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Find New Customers

This is one of the four cornerstones embedded in our diagnostic reviews.

Alexander Accountancy deals with many different businesses spread across many different business sectors, as well as geographical locations including Busron upon Trent, Swadlincote, Uttoxeter and the wider Staffordshire and Derbyshire regions. This allows us to see which type of marketing works for which type of business and in which sectors. We can then guide you to the marketing strategies that will work for you and your business.

Your marketing plan.  With the right strategy finding new customers can become a simple process.

There are many strategies available, some of which you will like and some of which you may not. But from a business point of view you really need to know which ones will work well and which ones will not. We can help you select your marketing strategies and introduce you to professionals who can help you develop them. Below we have listed some of the options available.

Advertising – how when and where? Newspapers, branded gifts, the internet?

Blogs – are these a strategy or an action to support other strategies?

Directories – should you be listed, where, and free or subscriber level?

Feedback – can you raise your profile by posting responses? Can you become the expert?

Networking – face to face or online? Which type of group or organisation?

Newsletters – how to find interested contacts, how to send them, will they get read?

Referrals – from customers or contacts? What is the best way for you to generate referrals?

Social media – which one, how do you use links, how often, what content?

Strategic partnerships – can you collaborate with other businesses to help each other?

Testimonials – should you encourage customers to sing your praises? How do you use this?

Websites – how do you turn your brochure site in to a marketing tool?

To learn more about the above why not ask for a free diagnostic review from Alexander Accountancy’s team of expert accountancy practitioners, call 01283 743851 or email via in**@al*******************.uk

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