BNI Brewers moves to Branston

BNI Brewers Burton upon Trent

Alexander Accountancy has recently hosted the inaugural meetings for BNI Brewers, Burtons’ new referral marketing group and a ground floor opportunity for those interested in referral marketing.

We are happy to confirm the next meeting of BNI Brewers will be at Branston Golf and Country Club on Wednesday 17th August 2016. The meeting will begin at 6.45am and is due to finish by 8.30am so there is minimal disruption to the normal working day.

For those who were not able to attend our first two meeting but would like to visit please email But please remember there can only be one representative from each trade or profession, so it is worth visiting as soon as you can.

Alexander Accountancy would especially like to hear from freelance bookkeepers who could be a good fit for working with us as a team, Financial Advisors who specialise in the local SME business sector, and solicitors who are familiar with businesses and family law.

Alexander Accountancy would also recommend this opportunity to any trades people that would like to grow their business as it always seems to work well for them. We have one electrician client who joined a BNI group and more than trebled his profits in three years.

If you would like to come along to find out more information, please email or telephone Burton upon Trent 01283 743851.