Alexander’s Business Club – Building an A+ team

Alexander's Business Club Burton May 16th 2018

ABC – Building an A+ team.

For most successful businesses the team is the most valuable asset they have. And if you want to build an A+ Business it is essential to build an A+ team.


The next meeting of Alexander’s Business Club is on Wednesday 21st November 2018 where we will be explaining the steps in how to build an A+ team. And for most people the biggest surprise will be that the theory is not that difficult.

The first step in building a high quality team is having a clear culture, philosophy and vision, which every team member is aligned with so they are all pulling in the same direction. This should start with the leadership and flow through naturally to everyone else.

It is then essential to assess the existing team members based on their character and their ability to fulfil the role they have been asked to do. Often referred to as having the right people on the bus and making sure they are in the right seats. Our meeting will deal with how you manage the results and again this means assessing the leadership along with everyone else. A good leader being someone who does what is necessary, not just what they are comfortable with.

Where a team member does not fit because of character or ability then some hard decisions may need to be made. But any actions should be taken the right way and for the right reasons so that it works to everyone’s benefit. This can be anything from leaving the business to improved training and personal development within the same role.

The final area is on how to recruit the right people for the roles you need to fill. Again something that is fairly obvious and isn’t that difficult, but a procedure very few businesses follow in practice.

So for an evening that really could help to transform your business come and join us at Alexander’s Business Club click the button below to register, or email info@alexander-accountancy.co.uk or telephone 01283 743851.

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