Workplace Pensions Crisis?

Auto Enrolment Solutions by Alexander Accountancy Burton on Trent,Staffordshire

Workplace pensions crisis?

There is a lot of scare mongering starting to appear regarding the huge wave of staging dates that is expected to outstrip the advisors available to deal with them.

The effects are expected to be seen during the next tax year and there is a risk many small employers may be scared in to seeking solutions that are not necessary and overpriced.

With the threat of extortionate penalties we have already seen some small employers being panicked in to action as this is one of the scariest pieces of legislation for smaller businesses that we have seen.

Not for our clients!!

Last week I read an article by a company claiming they had the first complete automatic enrolment solution available in the country.

What a load of rubbish!!!!

At Alexander Accountancy we launched our automatic enrolment solution in February 2015, six months ago. Offering our payroll clients a complete solution with the lowest fees we have seen offered by anyone.

One Leicestershire based IFA is currently offering set up fees from £1,500 and management fees from £7.50 per member per month. Yet our fees are less than half of those amounts.

So if you are looking to find the best compliance solution for your business contact Alexander Accountancy. Plan ahead and don’t be trapped in the last minute rush.