Women More Likely Than Men to File Tax Returns on Time

Alexander Accountancy Paper Deadline Day

Were not here to fuel the battle of the sexes and we do apologise for reminding you about the impending deadline for completing your tax return, AGAIN (we really don’t want you to miss the deadline and incur a penalty), but some interesting research from HMRC reveals that women are more likely than men to send their tax return on time.

For every 10,000 tax returns received by HMRC from men, 394 of these were after the relevant deadline, being 31 October for paper submissions and 31 January for online returns. This compares with 358 late returns for every 10,000 from females.

But as well as the gender gap, HMRC highlighted some other groups of people more likely to file late returns. People aged between 18-20 were the most likely to file late, with a whopping 1,085 in every 10,000 returns filed late. But perhaps not surprisingly, at the other end of the spectrum, the over 65’s prove to be far more punctual, with just 155 out of every 10,000 tax returns falling into the late category.

So we have two weeks left to file our tax returns gentlemen and young people! If in doubt about how to file your return, we’re here to help! Pick up the phone and speak to the experts here at Burton’s Alexander Accountancy and don’t settle for a late penalty!  Click here for contact details!