“Probably the best solution available”

Auto enrolment solutions Alexander Accountancy accountants in Burton

“Probably the best auto enrolment solution available”

Small businesses have no choice over Workplace Pensions, they have to deal with the burden the legislation has placed on them, like it or not. At Alexander Accountancy we can help everyone with our range of full service, training and outsourcing solutions.

When we at Alexander Accountancy heard of one small business paying nearly £1,000 for a solution that was not their best option, we decided to do something about it. So we designed our own full service compliance solution that costs less than the initial penalty for not complying of £400.

Having designed a product that would protect our clients from paying over the odds, we thought it would be helpful to make it more widely available. So we developed a training solution for businesses that run their own payroll and want to manage their own auto enrolment compliance. At our training days we hand hold clients through the initial set up. Then we provide advice and support on the staging day, and further ongoing support as they learn the processes of managing the solution through their payroll system.

After that we thought, can we help other accountants? So we now offer our solutions to other accountants that may not have the time to do this for themselves, and will happily undertake the implementations or training on their behalf.

As a result Alexander Accountancy probably offer the best auto enrolment solution available, and it is genuinely available to everyone, which is why we call ourselves “the accountants who care”. We are already providing these services to clients where we do everything, businesses that run their own payroll, and a number of other accountants.

If you like the sound of that and think Alexander Accountancy could help your business please email us for a meeting at info@alexander-accountancy.co.uk or telephone us on Burton on Trent 01283 743851.