How will you kick start 2017?

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How will you kick start 2017?

What with Brexit, rumours of interest rate increases and general concerns about the economy, 2017 could be a challenging year.

However in the words of John F. Kennedy – “The time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining”. So we recommend taking a proactive approach to turn these challenges in to opportunities.

Part of our strategy is helping to build a referrals networking group in Burton on Trent and we would like to invite you to our next meeting on Wednesday 11th January 2017.

Why not grow your business?

Since joining this type of group in 2011 our turnover has quadrupled. We persuaded an electrician to join a group and his turnover more than trebled in two years. And this happens many times over, especially for owner managed businesses with a desire to grow.

How does it work? It is simply a group of like minded people who are focussed on helping one another grow their businesses by qualified introductions to new opportunities. Business referral networking group BNI Burton upon Trent

What should you do next?

Why not come along and pay us a visit? That way you get to decide for yourself whether this is the right opportunity for you or not. The most you are going to lose is a couple of hours of your time, whereas the benefits could be huge.

Regular meetings will be at Branston Golf and Country Club on Wednesday mornings. The meetings will begin at 6.45am and are due to finish by 8.30am so there is minimal disruption to the normal working day.

For those who would like to accept our invitation to visit us on Wednesday 11th January 2017 please email Or you can book on directly at BNI Brewers.

Alexander Accountancy would especially like to meet owner managed businesses that have genuine ambition to grow and are looking for more than just compliance advice.