How to Grow Your Business

Alexander Accountancy Burton on Trent Business Workshops

Our  next workshop on 22nd September 2015 – Planning For Growth is for businesses that are ambitious and want to grow, and will presented by Julian Smith of The Alternative Board.

Julian has worked alongside Alexander Accountancy for the last 2 years and made a telling contribution to their rapid growth, which has now culminated in a move to larger, self contained premises.

Not only will the workshop being held at Branston Golf & Country Club Pavilion provide guidance and examples of six crucial steps that can be used to grow a business. It will give the delegates who want to, an opportunity to start their own outline plan.

It will also highlight some of the funding that is available for businesses that wish to embark on the growth journey with guidance from professionals with proven track records.

For those who would like to attend our workshop, or have questions about the help we can provide growing businesses, please email or telephone 01283 743851