HMRC Tax Investigation Fee Protection

Alexander Accountancy Burton on Trent Business Advisors

We don’t mean to use a fear appeal here, we just want to give you great accountancy advice, time and time again. However, a good number of companies will be subjected to investigation by HMRC for various and often quite innocent reasons, and at any point throughout the year. A tax enquiry is time consuming and can be confusing, stressful and costly, regardless of whether it unearths tax owing or not.

Burton’s Alexander Accountancy reduces the worry and risk associated with a tax investigation through our fee protection service. Our 12-month plan will cover any fees associated with us assisting you with an investigation, something we are well versed in dealing with successfully.

Businesses are selected for a number of reasons. It might be for late payments and returns, or it may be because you work within a certain industry within a certain geographical area being targeted, but suffice to say, apart from tax owed, all Alexander Accountancy fees will be fully covered! So for real peace of mind, get in touch now! You’re never alone with Alexander Accountancy!