Good Brexit, Bad Brexit?

Brexit effect on Burton on Trent Businesses - Accountants view

Very few people will remember when Great Britain left the Gold Standard on 19th September 1931. A few of us will remember Harold Wilson’s “Pound in your Pocket” speech on 19th November 1967 when the pound was devalued. More people will remember Black Wednesday on 16th September 1992. And there are other “End of the World as we know it” economic and political events that could be listed.

Why are these relevant today?

Because many scare stories are being put out in a similar vein about Brexit, but in every one of the above cases the world survived, Britain survived, and the British spirit of creativity and ingenuity survived.

I believe now the decision has been made to leave the EU we need to tackle it with an entrepreneurial spirit. We should think about the doors that are opening and not those that are closing, taking advantage of the opportunities ahead not regretting those that may (or may not) be left behind. We may be in for some harder times again for a year or two, but the longer term future will be what we make it, and we only need to panic if we lack self belief.

Alexander Accountancy deals mainly with small and medium sized businesses, run by owners who have chosen to back their self belief that they can manage a business through any difficulties. But if you do have any concerns about how brexit may impact on your business, please get in touch.

Some of those businesses were born during recent hard times. Others, including Alexander Accountancy, achieved a programme of growth during those recent hard times. Showing there are ways to overcome adversity and prosper if you know what you need to do and have the determination to do it.

At Alexander Accountancy we know how to run a business. We can help our clients run their businesses and we offer expert workshops, open to all, to help the local business community.

If you like the sound of that and think Alexander Accountancy could help your business, please book on to our next workshop after our summer break on 21st September 2016, email us for a meeting at or telephone us on Burton on Trent 01283 743851.

We can also help local businesses by directing them to other expert events run by other quality advisors.