Free Diagnostic Review For Business Owners

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Alexander Accountancy is more than just a Burton Accountancy practice.  We offer added-value of every stage of client engagement and this starts with a free service we offer to all businesses and that’s our diagnostic review.

For your diagnostic review, we’ll sit down with you and really get to know your business.  We’ll identify methods that you might have overlooked to get new customers.  We’ve trained and invested considerably in marketing our own business and can provide you with direct advice, help you to implement strategies and can provide introductions to third parties.

By better sales, we’ll help to drive more profit from your business.  Contrary to popular belief, more sales aren’t necessarily better for business.  Alexander Accountancy will help you to identify how to generate fewer, higher value sales, giving your business a far better return.

And making more profit follows on from the aforementioned; Manage your costs better by getting quotes for expenditure and negotiating better purchases.  Reduce waste and inefficiency by better control and planning.

So if you think you might benefit from this free of cost and commitment diagnostic review, get in touch to book your session now.