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In 2017 we carried out a quick survey to find out how many small business owners had any kind of formal training or education on how you run a business. The answer was almost none.

Alexander’s Business Club is going to plug that gap in a series of free events starting on 17th January 2018 by identifying your top challenges, followed by a structured programme that will arm you with advice, strategies and guidance to deal with them one by one.

Would you like a team of quality people that all share your vision, are self motivated and need minimal supervision and guidance?

Or to have systems and processes in place that take away the doubts of how things should be done, empower all the stakeholders and produce regular, reliable and consistent performance?

How about an automated growth strategy that means rather than going out to find more business the business comes to you on a regular basis?

What if this all ran so smoothly it was no longer essential for you to be there all the time? Giving you the time to focus on what you want to do, and the income stream to do it.

If you have a serious desire to build a better business and would like to do this alongside similar minded people, these workshops are for you.

To secure your place on 17th January 2018, with priority invitations to the subsequent events in this series please click the button below.

Alexander's Business Club. Free business networking and workshop events in Burton upon Trent

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