Be the Entrepreneur!

Be an Entrepreneur

We are over three months on from the Brexit vote and the world is still turning.

Doom and gloom was predicted if we voted to leave the EU, but the FTSE 100 has shown great resilience and rebounded very nicely.

A lot of the uncertainty had already been factored into the markets on the run up to the referendum vote which was reflected in the closing value of 6,338 on 23rd June.

The initial knee jerk reaction after the vote to leave plunged the FTSE 100 to 5,982 on 27th June. Since then the market has steadily increased and currently stands at 6,924 (as of Sept 29th) An increase of 15.74%.

The future trading position will become clearer over the coming months as the leaving process is planned and a negotiation between the EU nations begins. This hopefully will bring further confidence to the market and investors will enjoy further gains.

Small and medium sized businesses should feel encouraged that the future can be bright after all. Especially if we see ourselves as entrepreneurs and truly believe our fate is in our own hands.

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